The Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers

Participating Libraries

Abb.Library# records
(1st ed)
# records
(rev ed)
# current serials
AzUUniversity of Arizona*2203111
UPBBrigham Young University*151728
CaBVaUUniversity of British Columbia611521464
CUUniversity of California, Berkeley*871551(1722)
CU-AUniversity of California, Davis05770
CLUUniversity of California, Los Angeles*20917726
CU-SUniversity of California, San Diego*345516176
CU-SBUniversity of California, Santa Barbara*633619600
ICRLCenter for Research Libraries*16001558(608)
ICUUniversity of Chicago*8113211655
CoUUniversity of Colorado*0160
NNCColumbia University*310801251
NICCornell University*020(779)
NcDDuke University*1770429
FUUniversity of Florida*2729138
MH-LHarvard University Law School175168
MH-HYHarvard-Yenching Library*144619191278
HUUniversity of Hawaii*0578719
CSt-HHoover Institution, Stanford University*210780196
IUUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*364661362
InUIndiana University*490504240
IaUUniversity of Iowa393308
KUUniversity of Kansas*0624482
DLCLibrary of Congress*061(5034)
MoKLLinda Hall Library*02
MdUUniversity of Maryland2467(418)
MUUniversity of Massachusetts*0145
MCMMassachusetts Institute of Technology*01
MiUUniversity of Michigan*15211941538
MnUUniversity of Minnesota0105(137)
NNNew York Public Library*01088
OUOhio State University*13081495449
OrUUniversity of Oregon*272251
PUUniversity of Pennsylvania*0113(168)
PPiUUniversity of Pittsburgh*360403216
NjPPrinceton University010912314
CLSUUniversity of Southern California111585
TxUUniversity of Texas*0205157
CaOTUUniversity of Toronto*206330166
WaUUniversity of Washington*1728525
WaU-LUniversity of Washington, Law Library380381162
MoSWWashington University, St. Louis*0137160
WUUniversity of Wisconsin 1342(204)
CtYYale University*510481215

An asterisk (*) following the university's name indicates AAU/ARL Global Resources Program Japan Journal Access Project participants.

Current serials are as of June 30, 1999 (JEAL 120). When 1999 data is not available, figures are in parentheses and have been taken from June 30, 1998 (JEAL 117).


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