Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers
Acknowledgements Page

While most of the work that went into developing this tool was done at The Ohio State University Libraries, contributions from many others at cooperating institutions are also gratefully acknowledged.

Funding came from the Ohio State University, The Japan-US Friendship Commission through the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources and the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program (1994-98, 2000), and Honda R + D Americas, Inc (1998-99).

-- Maureen Donovan, Project Director, 1997-2000

Records were received from many libraries. In particular, we acknowledge contributions made by:

Bob Chang (U Arizona)
Cathy Chiu (UC-Santa Barbara)
Pamela Dellal (Harvard-Yenching)
Sharon Domier (U Massachusetts)
Bob Felsing (U Oregon)
Tsuneharu Gonnami (UBC)
C. David Hickey (U Florida)
Sanae Isozumi (UC-San Diego)
Michiko Ito (U Kansas)
Gail King (BYU)
Lynne Kutsukake (U Toronto) (ULJSN committee member)
Ranny Lacanienta (BYU)
Thomas H. Lee (Indiana U)
Yasuko Matsudo (U Michigan)
Sachie Noguchi (U Pittsburgh)
Susan Rabe (CRL)
Kazuko Sakaguchi (then at U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Kris Troost (Duke)
Robin Wendler (Harvard U Library Systems Office)
Nongji Zhang (Harvard Law)

In addition, advice, permissions, etc were received from many people. In particular, we acknowledge the contributions made by:

Naomi Kotake (Hoover Inst) (ULJSN committee member)
Dorothy Gregor (NCC)
Eddy Harrison (U Washington) (ULJSN committee member)
Tom Havens (then at UC-Berkeley)
Mary Jackson (ARL)
Karl Kahler (NCC)
Kevin Lin (U Texas) (ULJSN committee member)
Hideyuki Morimoto (UC-Berkeley) (ULJSN committee adviser)
Ramon Myers (Hoover Inst)
Eizaburo Okuizumi (U Chicago)
Elaine Sloan (Columbia)
Wei-ying Wan (U Michigan)

In building this online union list we included bibliographic and holdings information compiled in earlier works. In particular we acknowledge that we input information based on publications compiled by:

Keiko Alphs
Yasuko Makino
Mihoko Miki
Isamu Miura
Emiko M. Moffitt
Kenji Niki
Eiji Yutani

Citations to the works used:

A Checklist of Japanese Newspapers: East Asiatic Library, University of California at Berkeley and East Asian Collection, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. [compiled by Emiko M. Moffitt and Eiji Yutani] 1978. 22p.

Japanese Newspapers: A Checklist of Holdings: The Far Eastern Library, The University of Chicago and The Asia Library, The University of Michigan. Compiled by Keiko Alphs. 1983. 37 p.

National Union List of Current Japanese Serials in East Asian Libraries of North America. Compiled by Yasuko Makino and Mihoko Miki, with the assistance of Isamu Miura and Kenji Niki. 1992. 485 p.

Other sources for bibliographic information (verification, etc):

OCLC's WorldCat
RLG Union Catalog (RLIN)
Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan's Web-OPAC
Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan shozo kokunai chikuji kankobutsu mokuroku (1992)
Zasshi shinbun sokatarogu (1999 and earlier editions)
OPACs and printed/web listings of Japanese serials at various universities and publishers' web sites

Many people worked on this project at Ohio State. In particular, we acknowledge the contributions made by:

Jim Bracken (project administration)
Mark Dallas (data entry/editing)
Gay Dannelly (project administration)
Carol Diedrichs (project administration)
Maureen Donovan (project director)
Sayaka Futagami (data entry/editing)
Michael Hagenlocker (programming for the revised ed. (2000); system administration)
Koyo Hasebe (programming for the first ed (1997-99); system administration)
Mayumi Kamata (data entry/editing)
Chiho Kobayashi (data entry/editing)
Naoko Kurahashi (data entry/editing)
Yoko Maeda (data entry/editing)
Young Joon Moon (system administration)
Junko Moriyasu (data entry/editing)
Kiyoko Nagai (data entry/editing)
John Shannon (data entry/editing)
Stephen Westman (project administration)
Kiyoko Yoneyama (data entry/editing)