Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers

Revised edition (September 30, 2000)

While most of the work that went into developing the online editions of this tool was done at The Ohio State University Libraries, contributions from many others at participating institutions are also gratefully acknowledged. As of September 30, 2000 the union list includes 8,323 titles held by 44 libraries. Overall this represents 31,956 holdings records. (The previous online edition had 5,936 titles at 25 libraries or 8,196 holdings records.)

Funding came from the Ohio State University (1997-2000), the Japan-US Friendship Commission through the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources and the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program (1997-98, 2000), and Honda R + D Americas, Inc (1998-99).

-- Maureen Donovan, Project Director, 1997-2000

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NOTE: This union list is incomplete and includes errors. Furthermore, the information is, in many cases, out-of-date. For verification, please consult the web pages and/or catalogs of the individual libraries:

University of Arizona (AzU), Brigham Young University (UPB), Universit y of British Columbia (CaBVaU), University of California, Berkeley(CU), University of California, Davis (CU-A), Univ ersity of California, Los Angeles(CLU), University of California, San Diego(CU-S), University of California, Santa Barbara (CU-SB), Center for Research Libraries (ICRL), University of Chicago (ICU), Universit y of Colorado (CoU), Columbia University (NNC), Cornell University (NIC), Duke University (NcD), University of Florida (FU), Harvard University Law School (MH-L), Harvard-Yenching Library (MH-HY), University of Hawaii (HU), Hoover Institution, Stanford University (CSt-H), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IU), Indiana University (InU), University of Iowa (IaU), University of Kansas (KU), Library of Congress (DLC), Linda Hall Library (MoKL), University of Maryland (MdU), University of Massachusetts (MU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MCM), University of Michigan (MiU), University of Minnesota (MnU), New York Public Library (NN), Ohio State University (OU), University of Oregon (OrU), University of Pennsylvania (PU), U niversity of Pittsburgh (PPiU), Princeton University (NjP), University of Southern California ((CLSU), University of Texas (TxU), University of Toronto (CaOTU), Unive rsity of Washington (WaU), University of Washington, Law Library (WaU-L), Washington University, St. Louis (MoSW), University of Wisconsin (WU), Yale University (CtY)

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