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Volume 1 Number 3
Date of Publication: October 31, 1998

From the Editor/Publisher:

Over the summer I enjoyed meeting and talking with many of the contributors and readers of AsianDOC at conferences and by e-mail or telephone. Although everyone is working independently on their own projects, I have been struck time and again by the sense of community that emerges when we get together. Memory of those interactions gave me renewed energy to keep this e-newsletter alive. This third issue is unfortunately late (due to my hectic schedule), but I am still hoping to issue the next one on time (in late December). The deadline for submissions is December 13th. Please consider taking a little time this fall to prepare a contribution for AsianDOC! Updates from those who have previously submitted something are always welcome, too. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

A new feature this time is a searchable index of authors, titles and cited URLs from this and previous issues! The programming for that was done by Koyo Hasebe. While the AsianDOC E-Newsletter is a current awareness service, it is now also a database of electronic projects related to Asian Studies. Young Joon Moon provided system and infrastructure support and worked on the web site design so that I could concentrate on the contents.

The AsianDOC E-Newsletter was discussed at the International Convention of Asia Scholars (June 25-28) in connection with the formation of a new organization, Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources (SEER). Discussions about SEER and AsianDOC will take place again January 18-21 in Taipei during the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium meeting and March 11-14 in Boston as part of the Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in following up on anything, the ASIANDOCmailing list is always available for that purpose! Due to repeated spamming attacks the mailing list is now moderated, but please continue to use it for both announcements and discussion.

Maureen Donovan

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