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The following e-mail lists are useful resources for students and others who want to keep in touch with people from Northeast Asia. By subscribing to an electronic list, you can receive news or discuss issues of importance to your country, learn about another culture, practice a language, or just chat with friends. If you have an account on a university computer system, or if you subscribe to a network service such as CompuServe or Fidonet, then you should have access to these lists.

Most of these lists are served by an automatic listserver. To subscribe, send e-mail to LISTSERV at the indicated node (e.g., LISTSERV@UICVM for the list H-ASIA) with a message consisting of one line:

SUBSCRIBE e.g.: subscribe h-asia David Bedell

Single-word node names such as UICVM are Bitnet nodes. If you are not on Bitnet yourself, you will have to add the suffix .BITNET to the node name (e.g., mail to LISTSERV@UICVM.BITNET). Some of the lists require an address other than LISTSERV; these are indicated.

This document is part of a longer document about e-mail lists for language learning and regional studies. To get the current version of that document, send mail to LISTSERV@UBVM with the message GET FLTEACH FLLISTS or to LISTSERV@CUNYVM with the message GET LIST OFLISTS1. It is also accessible by WWW at The present document (on Northeast Asia only) is available at

This document is divided into the following sections: